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Hon. Clifford L. Meacham, (Ret.) and Hon. Robert J. Quinn, (Ret.) will present at the Illinois State Bar Association’s (ISBA) LawEd seminar on April 8th, 2016.  The seminar, entitled, “The Story of a Mechanics Lien Claim from Client Meeting to Trial,” will be a full-day mock trial demonstrating a typical mechanics lien claim from start to finish.  Participants will learn how to best manage every aspect of a mechanics lien claim, including how to respond to a mechanics lien notice, requirements for creating a valid mechanics lien claim and strategies for prosecuting and defending a mechanics lien claim.  Participants will also receive 5.5 hours of Professional Responsibility MCLE credit.

The seminar is presented by the ISBA Construction Law Section, and co-sponsored by the ISBA Real Estate Section and the Society of Illinois Construction Attorneys.

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Hon. Clifford L. Meacham, (Ret.) is a senior mediator and arbitrator who has extensive experience in resolving a variety of disputes, particularly those relating to construction defect, mechanic’s lien and engineering issues.  He also has extensive experience in employment, bankruptcy, and commercial contractual disputes.  Judge Meacham’s warmth and in-depth knowledge have made him a well-respected and sought-after neutral.

Hon. Robert J. Quinn, (Ret.) is also a senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems.  During his 22-year judicial career in Cook County’s Law and Chancery Divisions, Judge Quinn developed extensive expertise in settling construction, mechanic’s lien, insurance coverage, and contractual disputes.  His upbeat personality and positive energy contributed to his popularity on the bench.

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Judge Etchingham has a terrific demeanor, and made my client feel very comfortable.  He took time to thoroughly prepare, coming to the table with a clear understanding of the case.  Judge Etchingham offered insightful advice that kept negotiations from reaching a standstill.  I wish I had been able to practice before him when he was on the bench; Judge Etchingham is a real find for ADR Systems.

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