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A new article by Hon. Patrick E. McGann, (Ret.), published on October 12th, 2015 in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, discusses the benefits of making opening statements in mediation.  Entitled, “Opening Statements: A benefit to both sides in mediation,” the article challenges the idea that opening statements in mediation are unnecessary, and even potentially harmful.  Judge McGann explains how delivering well-prepared and non-adversarial opening statements humanizes the mediation process, often making parties much more willing to cooperate with each other.   To read the entire article, click here.

Judge McGann is a skilled mediator and arbitrator known for his fairness, integrity and expertise in resolving complex matters.  He has extensive experience in the resolution of commercial, personal injury, medical and professional malpractice cases.  Describing Judge McGann’s work as a trial judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County prior to his retirement, LawDragon wrote, “A force on the bench, McGann presides over the court’s biggest business matters.”

To read Judge McGann’s full bio, click here.

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Judge McNamara was instrumental in settling a very difficult and contentious case. Although I disagreed with certain (not all) of Judge McNamara’s legal positions, she expressed her opinions in a way that got my clients to focus on other things besides their dissatisfaction. There was nothing but bad blood between the parties, and Judge McNamara appealed to the better nature of both sides to resolve their differences. These intangibles, plus her experience, social skills, and ability to translate the process to the parties in an understandable way from a judge’s perspective, were all instrumental in settling the case.

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