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As a prelude to the American Bar Associations’ national Mediation Week, celebrated the third week in October, the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette ran an article by ADR Systems’ senior mediator and arbitrator, Hon. David G. Bernthal.  The article, published October 9, 2016, was titled, “Progress Made in Effectiveness of Mediation,”  It offered a brief  retrospective look back at mediation and also provided Judge Bernthal’s perspective on why alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and mediation in particular, is thriving.

While there are many ways to resolve disputes, including litigation, mediation is one dispute resolution process that is proving its value to parties and their attorneys. “The rise of mediation should not be seen as a repudiation of resolving disputes through the courts,” says Judge Bernthal.  “Our right to access the courts is fundamental. Mediation provides an additional way to resolve disputes. Courts which embrace it, whether conducted by a judge or a private mediator, have found an additional way to serve the public that looks to them for peaceful resolution of disputes.”

Judge Bernthal is a former federal court judge who is highly regarded for his integrity and his calm – indeed, judicious – temperament. He served as a magistrate judge for the US District Court for the Central District of Illinois for 21 years and earned universal respect from colleagues. Those who practiced before him have praised his skills as a jurist, describing him as both a learned scholar and efficient administrator. Judge Bernthal’s proven legal knowledge and keen understanding of negotiation are critical assets in both mediation and arbitration.

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I was extremely pleased with a recent mediation at ADR Systems. The mediators constitute a veritable "who's who" of top-notch practitioners and former jurists with a wealth of experience across the legal spectrum.  I strongly recommend ADR Systems for even the most complex and contentious of cases.

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