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There is now a more convenient way to settle your disputes without having to commute into the city.

ADR Systems has affiliated with Mediate North Shore, a boutique dispute resolution practice located in Northbrook, Illinois. This affiliation provides a new avenue for attorneys to seek dispute resolution services closer to home or the office.

“I am delighted ADR Systems will now be working with Mediate North Shore,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “In addition to providing a new space for attorneys and their clients to settle their disputes on the North Shore, this affiliation expands our Family Law Division by adding a respected and experienced mediator to our panel.”

Mediate North Shore was founded in 2016 by Amy L. Gertler, Esq., a family law attorney with more than 30 years of experience practicing family law. She joins ADR Systems as a senior mediator.

“As Mediate North Shore was growing, I was looking for a downtown location and ADR Systems was looking to expand to the North Shore,” Ms. Gertler said. “This opportunity was fortuitous for both companies.”

Mediate North Shore offers three spacious conference rooms, a break room, and two offices, alongside smart TVs to allow video conferencing and visual presentations. This complements ADR Systems’ downtown office on 20 North Clark Street, which contains 22 comfortable conference rooms. ADR Systems will be able to facilitate family law cases and some personal injury and commercial cases at Mediate North Shore.

“Our goal in this expansion is to continue to provide attorneys and their clients with a pleasant environment and unparalleled service at any location,” said Becker. “That way, parties can focus on what really matters: resolving the dispute.”

ADR Systems has a large panel of neutrals who are adept at resolving personal injury, commercial and family law matters.  Our neutrals are available to travel to either of our offices, other cities in Illinois and throughout the United States upon request.

For more information about our new location or our dispute resolution services, call us at 312.960.2260 or visit



My mediation at ADR Systems proved to be extremely successful, thanks to the professionalism of our mediator.  Judge Kelley adeptly settled a very complex case involving serious injuries.  His patience, knowledge of the case, and considerate treatment of the parties involved all contributed to reaching a settlement that both sides found acceptable.  Kudos to Judge Kelley and ADR Systems for an experience I hope soon to repeat.

Thomas P Cernek, Esq.Law Offices of Thomas P. Cernek & Associates