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Since March 2021, ADR Systems has published its monthly Settlement Report, which features high-value settlements on cases mediated by our neutrals during the previous month. To better showcase the full spectrum of settlements our neutrals achieve, ADR Systems has divided this report, now releasing two distinct monthly Settlement Reports for personal injury and commercial mediations.

“Counsel have valued the Settlement Report from the start; they see the wide variety of cases that are settled. More importantly, personal injury attorneys get a useful snapshot of  the types of cases settled while commercial attorneys see the range of complex issues at play in cases resolved by our neutrals,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems.

Both Settlement Reports will, in total, feature fifteen settled cases per month: ten in the Personal Injury Settlement Report and five in the Commercial Settlement Report. This comprises only a fraction of the total personal injury and commercial matters mediated every month at ADR Systems, each of which enjoy the attention of neutrals whose skill and legal acumen has cultivated a 91% settlement rate on in-person and remote mediations – a figure that significantly exceeds the estimated average settlement rate for mediations, according to some studies.

As in the past, ADR Systems will prioritize confidentiality when sharing these reports. Only the value amount or a brief issue description, the practice area and the neutral involved will be mentioned.

“Our neutrals provide an invaluable service at a complicated time for access to justice, but an innovative time for alternative dispute resolution,” said Becker. “By publishing two separate Settlement Reports, we aim to share more information about the work our neutrals do and shorten the distance to settlement for our clients and, especially, their clients.”

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"Judge Axelrood was outstanding with my client. During the mediation, he explained things clearly and used examples that my client – an older individual – could easily understand. Judge Axelrood made the process easier for my client and me. He was instrumental in settling this case."

Steven Gleason, Esq.Nilson, Stookal, Gleason & Caputo, LTD.