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Amy L. Gertler, Esq. and Hon. Brian R. McKillip, (Ret.) have joined ADR Systems’ panel of senior mediators and arbitrators, focusing on dispute resolution for family law cases. They will serve in the Family Law Division alongside panelist Hon. Helaine L. Berger, (Ret.), who has practiced as a family law neutral at ADR Systems since 2016.

“As the first family law-focused neutral at ADR Systems, I am thrilled to be a part of an expanding division with new colleagues whose careers – Ms. Gertler’s as a family law attorney and mediator, and Judge McKillip’s as a jurist in DuPage County’s Domestic Relations Division – mark them as seasoned practitioners in this field of law and dispute resolution,” said Judge Berger.

Throughout her 33-year legal career, Ms. Gertler has cultivated a deep understanding of the complex issues presented in family law mediations, including the valuation and division of assets for high net worth estates.

“As a mediator, I firmly believe that individuals who are most impacted by a family problem should resolve it and control its outcome,” said Ms. Gertler. “By joining ADR Systems, I can expand my practice as a mediator and help clients resolve disputes on their own terms.”

During his time on the bench in DuPage County’s Domestic Relations Division, Judge McKillip presided over custody, dissolution of marriage, parental rights, visitation and numerous other matters that have well prepared him for his work as a Senior Mediator & Arbitrator.

“Family law is an arduous legal discipline because of what is fundamentally happening in each case: A family is being divided,” said Judge McKillip. “Mediation provides a way for us as neutrals to help parties through deeply personal decisions and arrive at arrangements that would not be possible in a courtroom.”

The expansion of ADR Systems’ Family Law Division coincides with its newly established affiliation with Mediate North Shore, a boutique dispute resolution practice established by Ms. Gertler in 2016. Attorneys and their clients can now mediate and arbitrate their commercial, family law and personal injury cases at our Chicago and North Shore offices, and at facilities in the western suburbs.

The appeal of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for family law cases has proliferated for several reasons. These include the continuing rise in caseloads in family law courts, the well-known expense of litigating those cases and the innate benefits of alternative dispute resolution: namely, its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and less adversarial approach to resolving disputes.

“We’ve seen a wellspring of interest in dispute resolution services in family law cases in recent years, and we’re delighted to bolster our Family Law Division with Ms. Gertler’s and Judge McKillip’s experience,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “Expanding our Family Law Division as we establish ourselves in our North Shore office is truly exciting. It seems to stack the deck in favor of forthcoming success and unparalleled service to our family law clients.”

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Hon. Helaine L. Berger, (Ret.) is an experienced civil litigator who tried cases in Criminal, Chancery, Law and Domestic Relations before serving as a judge in Cook County’s Domestic Relations Division for 19 years.  Judge Berger has been active in the legal community, including Chair of the CBA’s Fee Committee and President of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois.  She is now a senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems where she concentrates in family law.  Judge Berger is flexible and creative in her approach to mediation and has helped ADR Systems launch an innovative fast track mediation program for family law cases.

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Amy L. Gertler, Esq. is a senior mediator at ADR Systems and founder of Mediate North Shore PC. She has concentrated in family law throughout her 33-year legal career and has cultivated a deep understanding of the complex issues presented in family law mediations. Regarded by colleagues and clients as ethical, empathetic, forthright and collaborative, she delivers a personal approach to dispute resolution in family matters.

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Hon. Brian R. McKillip, (Ret.) brings an extensive judicial career in family law matters to ADR Systems. He presided over custody, dissolution of marriage, parental rights, visitation matters and more for 11 years in the DuPage County Court’s Domestic Relations Division. His thorough knowledge of family law matters and ability to facilitate constructive dialogue between parties serves him well as a senior mediator and arbitrator.

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Judge Billik did an outstanding job as a mediator in our commercial case. The other parties had the same opinion of him.  He brought great energy, common sense and credibility to the task, and tried hard to understand all sides.

Dan L. Boho, Esq.Partner, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP