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Hon. William E. Gomonlinski, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently settled a $16 million personal injury case, the highest amputation settlement on record in Lake County.

The dispute involved a 2018 motorcycle crash in which the plaintiff sustained severe injuries and underwent a below-the-knee leg amputation.

“The keys to settling an emotional case such as this are attention to detail and patience,” said Judge Gomolinski. “When the damages and liabilities are this extensive, the tiniest details can make the difference between resolution and leaving the table. My experience in amputation cases helped me recognize these details and guide the parties toward settlement.”

According to a press release, both sides agreed Judge Gomolinski was instrumental in settling this case.

Judge Gomolinski’s experience in settling high-value cases – including several motorcycle and amputation cases – led to a $9 million settlement and a $7.6 million settlement earlier this year, and a $15 million settlement in January.


Hon. William E. Gomolinski, (Ret.) has mediated and arbitrated thousands of complex multi-party, high-value cases. Judge Gomolinski masters the facts and law of every case before him and brings an attentive, explanatory style that has garnered the trust and appreciation of attorneys and clients alike. A greatly sought-after senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, he is highly regarded by all parties for his ability to successfully resolve the most difficult matters.  Judge Gomolinski has cultivated a keen and sweeping understanding of various personal injury and commercial matters from 35 years of experience and significant time as a Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Law Division.

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I recently engaged Judge Gomolinski to mediate a case that was not factually or legally complicated, but other factors — including the amount of the lien and the position of the lienholder — made the case a challenge to resolve. This case would not have settled but for the efforts of Judge Gomolinski. He was prepared, knew all the relevant facts, had a command of the pertinent law and demonstrated a level of competence and experience that deeply resonated. I believe I can speak for opposing counsel in saying that we believe we reached a fair, reasonable agreement thanks to Judge Gomolinski.

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