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Hon. William E. Gomolinski, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently settled an $8.75 million personal injury case stemming from a transportation accident.

Judge Gomolinski worked tirelessly to guide the parties to a resolution, following up with them multiple times and finding their commonalities in order to reach a settlement.

“As an experienced trial attorney for more than 40 years handling cases throughout the United States, I never have used a mediator who is as effective and efficient as Judge Gomolinski,” an attorney associated with the case said. “He listens to both parties and reads everything given to him, so that he knows the case as well as the attorneys handling the matter. This allows him to persuasively bring parties to a resolution. He works non-stop and in my most recent case with him, he worked the entire weekend to get the case settled.”

Judge Gomolinski’s experience in settling high-value, high-emotion cases led to a $9 million settlement in a related case, and a $7.6 million settlement and a $15 million settlement in January.

Judge Gomolinski conducted more than 1,000 settlement conferences while on the bench. He has a large breadth of experience and a keen understanding of a wide variety of personal injury and commercial issues. Judge Gomolinski is praised as a bright and hardworking neutral who will stay the course to bring parties to resolution.

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We were pleased with the outcome of our settlement, and with the efforts put forth by Judge Bronstein.  It was a marathon session, but Judge Bronstein worked with both clients and urged us to be patient until there was sufficient movement towards settlement.  Thanks to Judge Bronstein and ADR Systems.

Steven Gleason, Esq.Nilson, Stookal, Gleason & Caputo