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My job as a neutral is to focus on the details of the case itself and facilitate resolution.  Sometimes the smallest detail can influence whether a case settles. That is why I devote a substantial amount of time to pouring through submissions. For every 40 hours of session time scheduled, I am often putting in an equal amount of time in my own preparation.

This high level of case preparation is only possible because of the support I receive from the case managers at ADR Systems. If I had to spend time chasing submissions, answering scheduling questions or gathering contract signatures, it would be exceedingly difficult to have time for the attention to detail expected by attorneys.

Case managers are like train conductors, keeping everything organized and ensuring that the whole route to resolution runs on schedule. Here are some of the things they do:

  • Scheduling sessions quickly
  • Answering session-related questions
  • Arranging pre-mediation and pre-arbitration conference calls
  • Providing suggestions for neutral selection and custom programs
  • Overseeing the multitude of administrative tasks, such as contracts, signatures and resolution follow-up, associated with a case

In addition, the case managers prepare me for any special circumstances surrounding a case to ensure I am ready to get to work the moment our session begins. This means there are no surprises on the day of mediation or arbitration and your time with ADR Systems is spent efficiently.

By taking care of these tasks, case managers free up my time to focus exclusively on the case at hand.

Hon. William E. Gomolinski, (Ret.) has mediated and arbitrated thousands of complex multi-party, high-value cases. Judge Gomolinski masters the facts and law of every case before him and brings an attentive, explanatory style that has garnered the trust and appreciation of attorneys and clients alike. A greatly sought-after senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, he is highly regarded by all parties for his ability to successfully resolve the most difficult matters.  Judge Gomolinski has cultivated a keen and sweeping understanding of various tort and commercial matters from 35 years of experience and significant time as a Judge in the Circuit Court Law Division of Cook County.

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I was quite pleased with the facilities of ADR Systems and the pre-session service.  Expect me back.

Robert Slobig, Esq.Senior Partner, Torshen, Slobig, Genden, Dragutinovich & Axel, Ltd.