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Hon. Clifford Meacham and Hon. Robert Quinn will be featured speakers at the Chicago Bar Association’s (CBA) Annual Mechanics Lien seminar. This day-long event will be convened at the CBA on January 26, 2017, beginning at 8:45am. David Nightingale, of Hinshaw & Culbertson, is the event organizer. Judges Meacham and Quinn’s presentation is entitled, “Foreclosure and Lien Proceedings as Viewed from the Bench.” The judges will review changes in current law and share their insight from their years as jurists in the Mechanics Lien Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County.

Hon. Clifford L. Meacham, (Ret.) is a seasoned mediator and arbitrator with expertise in settling a variety of disputes, particularly those relating to construction, mechanics lien and engineering issues. Judge Meacham’s warmth, in-depth knowledge and creative approach have made him a well-respected and sought-after neutral. He thoughtfully prepares for his mediations and arbitrations and believes his ability to listen carefully to all parties is the key to his success in resolving cases. Judge Meacham enjoyed a 19-year judicial career as an Associate Judge, Cook County Circuit Court, sitting as the Supervising Judge of the Mechanics Lien/Mortgage Foreclosure Section of the Chancery Division.

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Hon. Robert J. Quinn, (Ret.) is highly regarded for his ability to deftly mediate disputes related to the construction process. Judge Quinn has extensive expertise in settling mechanics lien, insurance coverage and contractual disputes. He is also known for his thoughtful and efficient approach to arbitration and is highly skilled at fast-tracking the process when requested by the parties. His upbeat personality and positive energy contribute to his popularity as a neutral. During his 22-year judicial career in Cook County’s Law and Chancery Divisions, he was a popular jurist in the Mechanics Lien Section.

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ADR Systems is a perfect fit for commercial disputes that would otherwise find themselves in state court. Though they may no longer have the ability to formally wield the gavel, the former judges at ADR Systems still demand the respect necessary to get parties to the table.

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