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ADR Systems congratulates Hon. Joseph N. Casciato, (Ret.), Hon. Thomas P. Durkin, (Ret.), Hon. Michael J. Hogan, (Ret.), and Hon. Stuart A. Nudelman, (Ret.) for being featured in the Leading Lawyer’s (September 2014) Top 10 ADR Neutrals.  Judges Casciato, Hogan, and Nudelman were listed among the Top 10 ADR: PI Neutrals, and Judges Durkin and Nudelman were listed among the Top 10 ADR: Commercial Neutrals.

ADR Systems is the Midwest’s largest alternative dispute resolution service provider.  Since 1994, ADR Systems has provided successful mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution services. Our company’s continued growth is a reflection of the high level of satisfaction experienced by our clients, and our promise to deliver an unparalleled client experience.  All ADR Systems neutrals are known for their passionate commitment to alternative dispute resolution, and their dedication and tenacity in resolving the most difficult and complex personal injury and commercial disputes.

Leading Lawyers, part of the Law Bulletin Publishing Company, surveys thousands of attorneys statewide to identify lawyers most often recommended by their peers. Lawyers cannot nominate themselves or anyone at their own law firm. Fewer than five percent of all lawyers licensed to practice law in a given state can be named a Leading Lawyer. For more information, see

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Judge McNamara was instrumental in settling a very difficult and contentious case. Although I disagreed with certain (not all) of Judge McNamara’s legal positions, she expressed her opinions in a way that got my clients to focus on other things besides their dissatisfaction. There was nothing but bad blood between the parties, and Judge McNamara appealed to the better nature of both sides to resolve their differences. These intangibles, plus her experience, social skills, and ability to translate the process to the parties in an understandable way from a judge’s perspective, were all instrumental in settling the case.

John P. Quall, Esq.Law Office of John P. Quall