ADR Systems

About Us

ADR Systems is the Midwest's largest alternative dispute resolution service provider.

Since 1994, ADR Systems has provided successful mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, special master, discovery master, appellate review and other alternative dispute resolution services. Our company’s continued growth is a reflection of the high level of satisfaction experienced by our clients, and our promise to deliver an unparalleled client experience.

You can trust ADR Systems to engage unbiased, professional neutrals, and our staff to utilize all available resources to ensure the resolution process has the best possible result. There is never a charge to consult with one of our case managers, who assist clients before, during, and after their session.

Based in Illinois, we conduct mediations and arbitrations at our Chicago office and at other locations throughout the United States upon request. We offer specially designed facilities and a concierge to better serve our clients.

ADR Systems, It’s Settled.™

Hon. Dennis J. Burke, (Ret.)

With the assistance of Judge Ward, we were able to obtain an amicable resolution of the case. Just as when he was sitting on the bench, Judge Ward showed understanding, temperance and intelligence in addressing the issues. I feel the ultimate settlement figure was fair and adequate in light of the nature and extent of the injury. I would not hesitate to use your company’s assistance in the future.

Ronald J. Gold, Esq.Law Office of Baltazar Mendoza