ADR Systems

Our Facilities

ADR Systems is located at 20 North Clark Street, Floor 29, in the heart of Chicago‚Äôs legal community. With 22 spacious conference rooms and over 15,000 square feet, our facility offers a conveniently located, comfortable environment for resolving your dispute. To take a tour of our main facility, click here.

We also offer remote options for dispute resolution at no additional cost to our clients. Parties can participate remotely via secure videoconferencing administered by ADR Systems to resolve their dispute. Those participating in a virtual session will be assisted by our Remote Sessions Support Team, helping clients to access their remote session and troubleshoot connectivity challenges. Our neutrals have settled more than 1,000 cases through virtual sessions. To learn more about remote dispute resolution at ADR Systems click here.

If a remote session or an in-person session at our offices is not possible, our neutrals can travel anywhere and at any time upon request, pending schedule availability.

ADR Systems is the first dispute resolution provider to offer a full complement of concierge services for clients attending in-person sessions. Our professional staff utilizes every resource available to provide exceptional service before, during and after the dispute resolution process.

Conference Room Services

  • Ordering Lunch
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Printing & Photocopying
  • Video Conferencing Set-up
  • Special Needs Accommodation

Remote Session Support Services

  • Sending Virtual Session Access Information to Clients
  • Complimentary Virtual Session Demonstrations upon Request
  • Administration of Virtual Sessions
  • Availability to Troubleshoot Connectivity Challenges

Hotel & Travel Arrangements

  • Retrieving Flight Information
  • Printing Boarding Passes
  • Scheduling & Re-Scheduling Flights
  • Directions
  • Finding Nearby Hotels & Parking Garages

I was quite pleased with the facilities of ADR Systems and the pre-session service.  Expect me back.

Robert Slobig, Esq.Senior Partner, Torshen, Slobig, Genden, Dragutinovich & Axel, Ltd.