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ADR Systems would like to congratulate company president, Marc Becker, on his new position as member of the Board of Directors for the Resolution Systems Institute (RSI).  The RSI Executive Committee noted that Marc is dedicated to developing quality ADR services, and believed that Marc’s experience and knowledge of the ADR industry would be an asset to the organization, recommending him for the appointment to the Board.

RSI is a non-profit organization committed to expanding and strengthening the court’s use of ADR programs in Illinois.  RSI’s activities include conducting independent research about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and how it can most effectively be used by courts, aiding courts in developing and maintaining ADR programs, and educating the public about the value of ADR.  As a member of the RSI’s Board of Directors, Marc will continue to help advance the ADR industry in the Chicago community.

Marc Becker is the founder and President of ADR Systems of America, LLC. He has more than 20 years of experience in dispute resolution, promoting the growth of ADR in the Chicago area and beyond. A frequent speaker in the legal community, Marc has given presentations on the ADR process to law firms, insurance companies, and other organizations. He has also developed training programs to educate counsel on the different types and uses of ADR.

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I want to express our firm’s appreciation to ADR Systems for providing us with an outstanding CLE program.  I received numerous positive comments from our partners; everyone thought that the Hon. F. Keith Brown, Patrick E. McGann, and Stuart A. Nudelman provided us with useful and interesting insights.  I think that our Chicago partners (and anyone else who might do a mediation in Chicago) would be delighted with any of them as a mediator or arbitrator.

Alan Becker, Managing PartnerLitchfield Cavo LLP