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Marc Becker is the founder and President of ADR Systems of America, LLC. Since its beginning in 1994, ADR Systems has become one of the largest alternative dispute resolution (ADR) providers in the Midwest. ADR Systems continued growth has been built on Marc’s bold vision for the company: ADR Systems will become the new standard in dispute resolution by delivering exceptional client service and an unparalleled client experience.

Marc oversees the day-to-day operations of ADR Systems. He has almost 30 years of experience in dispute resolution, promoting the growth of ADR in the Chicago area and beyond. Marc is closely involved with senior management at ADR Systems and he personally knows all neutrals that mediate and arbitrate cases. Marc has an open-door policy and welcomes comments from his clients, neutrals and staff.

Clients rely on Marc’s understanding of the ADR industry and often seek his assistance and advice with neutral selection for a particular case. They respect Marc’s ability to recommend a neutral who will work well with all parties and who understands the issues in the case. Marc also offers clients insight into the best process to resolve their matter whether mediation, arbitration or another ADR process.

ADR Systems is active in the dispute resolution industry, and Marc has recruited some of the most talented neutrals in the industry. He has assembled an extensive panel of seasoned mediators and arbitrators, whom Marc considers to be the foundation of the company’s success.

While ADR Systems built a strong reputation for effectively resolving personal injury and medical malpractice matters, Marc soon recognized that attorneys were increasingly turning to ADR for larger, more complex cases. In response to this increasing demand, Marc expanded into commercial dispute resolution in 2006, adding a commercial division. In 2017, Marc also added a family law division due to a rising demand for these types of cases.

A frequent speaker in the legal community, Marc has given many presentations on the ADR process to law firms, insurance companies and other organizations. He has also developed training programs to educate counsel on the different types and uses of ADR. In addition, Marc was on the Resolution Systems Institute’s (RSI) Board of Directors, where he helped develop effective ADR programs for courts in Illinois. When the RSI Executive Committee asked Marc to join their Board of Directors, they noted his dedication to developing quality ADR services, and believed that his experience and knowledge of the ADR industry would be an asset to the organization.

Prior to opening ADR Systems, Marc was vice-president of Northern Industries, an Illinois-based steel company, where he consistently drove record sales. In 1992, Marc also developed a new steel division at Galaxy Steel & Tube. In two years, Marc’s team achieved $24M in sales annually, with Marc contributing $10M in sales to the organization. Marc’s boundless energy and effectiveness has contributed to the rapid growth of ADR Systems.

Marc graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Business Administration. He resides in Chicago with his wife, Lisa, and their two children, Sophie and Lily.

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My thanks to ADR Systems and their mediators for all of the successes that we have experienced in mediations.

Louis C. Cairo, Esq.Senior Partner, Goldberg Weisman Cairo