Do I need to have an agreement with the other side to use ADR Systems before submitting my case? - ADR Systems

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We can assist with bringing the parties to the table. Our case managers are here to help you even before a session is scheduled. Often parties will discuss their case with a case manager who can suggest the most qualified neutrals to handle the case, suggest possible dispute resolution processes and will even contact the other side — if requested — to propose dispute resolution at ADR Systems and answer their questions.

Judge Burke put forth extraordinary effort to settle.  He was extremely well prepared and spent a great deal of time working with each party toward a compromise.  Thanks to Judge Burke's follow-up efforts, post-mediation was disposed of by compromise.  My client was extremely impressed with the preparation, effort and atmosphere established by Judge Burke.

Rudolf G. Schade, Jr., Esq.Partner, Cassiday Schade LLP