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During the pre-mediation conference call, the following considerations will likely be discussed: when claims, counter claims, responses and statements of uncontested facts are due; when and where the hearing will take place; timing and parameters regarding discovery, witnesses and experts; how expert and other testimony will be presented; the timing of pre-hearing briefs; allocations of attorney fees and costs; the form of the award; and other items.

I want to thank you on behalf of my client and me, and especially thank Judge Casciato, who did such an excellent job getting our case settled during a remote Zoom mediation. I always recommend ADR Systems and your great mediators to attorneys who ask me. In fact, in my judgment, your firm put alternative dispute resolution (ADR) on the map in Illinois. ADR Systems provides a cost-effective means of resolving lawsuits in a mutually satisfactory manner. Keep up the excellent work!  

Mark P. Standa, Esq.Mark P. Standa, P.C.