Where can I have my mediation or arbitration session if I do not want to go into Chicago? - ADR Systems

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In addition to our Chicago office, ADR Systems has ready access to facilities in the western suburbs and can provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services via proven videoconferencing software providers like Zoom and Skype. We will work with both sides to ensure a mutually agreeable location or modality for your session. Contact your case manager for additional information.

"Judge Hanlon was an amazing mediator! While I have known her for years, I have never appeared in front of her or mediated a case with her. During a 10-hour mediation with her, I marveled at how hard she worked to get this case settled, and, more importantly, how great she communicated with my clients. She was calm, measured, reassuring, and so incredibly knowledgeable on the facts and mediation tactics. Judge Hanlon will always be on the top of my list for future mediations."

Richard I. Levin, Esq.Levin, Riback & Adelman