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Each of the remote options we offer have helped our clients settle their disputes. Your case manager will assist you in selecting the best option for your case.  You will not be charged any addition fee when choosing to do your mediation or arbitration remotely.

Zoom is the most commonly used remote option among our clients. It is an online videoconferencing tool with a highly intuitive interface compatible with most internet browsers, and attorneys can download the Zoom application onto their laptop, tablet or smart phone in a matter of minutes. No training or prior experience with Zoom is needed for an attorney to participate in a remote mediation or arbitration. An ADR Systems’ staff member will generate a private link for your session and will share it with the attorneys on the case via email. The attorneys can then share the link with their clients if they wish.

When Zoom usage proliferated at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, news outlets reported instances of “Zoombombing” whereby uninvited participants invaded Zoom videoconferences and displayed offensive content. Zoom has since enhanced its security measures, and ADR Systems has optimized its accounts’ security settings to protect the privacy of our clients. Read more about this here.

Some parties may choose a telephonic remote option. Our neutrals have also had success in resolving matters by phone. Contact your case manager for additional information.

I was very satisfied with ADR Systems' service, and I will be happy to recommend them to colleagues.

Chris Doscotch, Esq.Law Office of Chris Doscotch, LLC