Why is ADR Systems different from other providers? - ADR Systems

ADR Systems


ADR Systems has a growing panel of successful neutrals — highly skilled senior mediators and arbitrators. They settle about 91% of mediated cases and preside over efficient arbitrations.

Unlike some other dispute resolution providers, our neutrals are not employees and have no financial or managerial stake in the company. This ensures their neutrality.

Personal attention is the hallmark of ADR Systems. Our neutrals, case managers and staff are with you through every step of the dispute resolution process and provide unparalleled service.

Our ADR Systems’ neutral had a terrific demeanor and made my client feel very comfortable.  He took time to thoroughly prepare, coming to the table with a clear understanding of the case. He offered insightful advice that kept negotiations from reaching a standstill.

Jeffrey E. Martin, Esq.Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Martin, LLC