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In response to the proliferation of cyberthreats in the United States, ADR Systems is one of the first alternative dispute resolution providers to undertake a comprehensive cybersecurity audit to better safeguard confidential client information and provide a more secure information technology (IT) environment.

“Many digital threats target lawyers, and with so much more information exchanged remotely by lawyers today, we felt duty-bound to augment our security practices to better protect case data before, during and after a mediation or arbitration.” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems.

ADR Systems engaged a leading cybersecurity firm to audit our security practices, identify potential vulnerabilities and devise an ongoing program for maintaining top-tier security practices. Our initiative has bolstered overall security in many areas.

Some of our security enhancements include:

  • Use of encryption and multi-factor authentication to add layered protection to systems and documents
  • Use of encryption to safeguard data in transit
  • Upgraded firewall for increased security
  • Implementation of an advanced antivirus solution
  • Management of cloud posture to provide for the secure storage of documents
  • Increased cloud backup retention to protect against data loss in the event of a breach
  • Implementation of monthly reporting on software, hardware, patches and more to ensure a secure environment
  • Education of employees on cybersecurity through training, information and testing via phishing campaigns
  • Establishment of information security policies
  • Development of a detailed disaster recovery plan
  • Implementation of other measures to guard against possible third-party threats as appropriate

These enhancements heighten our ability to protect client data and serve a broader swath of commercial and governmental entities at a time when digital threats attempt to assail computer systems at higher rates than before the pandemic. Likewise, our initiatives respond to recent ABA technology surveys of the legal profession that cite confidentiality and control of data as top technology and security concerns among attorneys. In the new-model world of remote dispute resolution, ADR Systems takes those concerns to heart. We will help our clients resolve their disputes and will work tirelessly to help ensure that client data remains safe and secure.

ADR Systems’ efforts to provide a more secure experience for attorneys and their clients goes beyond our computer systems, though. With the onslaught of remote cases and with security top-of-mind, our senior mediators and arbitrators at ADR Systems have published articles on remote dispute resolution throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to prepare attorneys for remote legal proceedings:

With significant updates to our IT infrastructure along with articles researched and crafted to assist our clients with safe remote dispute resolution, ADR Systems continues in its mission to provide an unparalleled client experience for all parties coming to us remotely or otherwise.

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Thanks to ADR Systems and its mediators, plaintiff and defense attorneys and insurance companies clearly recognized that it was prudent to settle the case for its value and avoid the expenditures and time associated with court.

Paul Wolf, Esq.Senior Partner, Mitchell Hoffman & Wolf LLC