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ADR Systems has developed new Model Clause Language for commercial contracts. Counsel can use our ready-made mediation, arbitration and step clauses in commercial contracts to provide a roadmap for resolving future disputes.

“To agree to resolve your dispute outside of court is very often a wise choice, but to write alternative dispute resolution into a contract before any conflict arises is even wiser,” Hon. Margaret A. Brennan, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems. “You capture all the benefits of mediation and arbitration into your contract from the start: time and money saved, customization and control of the process, efficiency, confidentiality and privacy in most cases.”

ADR Systems’ Model Clause Language is simple, clear and easy to incorporate in contracts. Some of the features of the clause language include the following:

  • Our mediation clause articulates the procedure for commencing mediation and selecting a mediator, and it stipulates a 60-day timeframe within which parties must conduct their mediation once it is initiated
  • Our arbitration clause specifies the rules that will govern the arbitration’s administration, notes where parties can designate the number of arbitrators and the proceeding’s location and underscores the finality and enforceability of any binding arbitration
  • Our step clause provides for mediation prior to arbitration and explains the steps in the process

“Alternative dispute resolution clause language helps parties resolve disputes on their own terms” said Hon. Lisa R. Curcio, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems. “Good clause language makes for a clearer road to that end.”

To review ADR Systems’ Model Clause Language in full, click here.


Hon. Margaret A. Brennan, (Ret.) served for 19 years in the Circuit Court of Cook County Chancery and Law Divisions and cultivated expansive knowledge of commercial cases such as employment matters involving discrimination and retaliatory discharge, construction and legal malpractice disputes. Colleagues commend Judge Brennan’s intelligence, persuasiveness, remarkable patience, careful case preparation and boundless energy, which contribute significantly to her success as a senior mediator and arbitrator.

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Hon. Lisa R. Curcio, (Ret.) is a senior mediator and arbitrator with almost 30 years of legal and judicial experience. Her ability to settle cases involving all aspects of construction projects and disputes arising from construction contracts — including claims based on mechanics lien — is augmented by her knowledge of real estate and banking, which she cultivated prior to becoming a practicing attorney. Counsel know Judge Curcio as an energetic, pragmatic neutral whose measured approach helps parties construct suitable solutions to their disputes.

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