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Last minute mediation – outside of normal business hours – is now provided by ADR Systems.  Today ADR Systems launched this new and innovative program that gives clients rapid access to mediation services before trial, including:

  • Morning from 7-9am
  • Evening from 5-7pm
  • Weekends

“Our clients have been asking for emergency mediation services,” says Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “They asked and we delivered.”

Cases submitted for last minute mediation are scheduled as soon as possible.  ADR Systems maintains a panel of mediators who are on call to accommodate these urgent requests.

Hon. John A. Ward, (Ret.), ADR Systems’ senior mediator and arbitrator, believes last minute mediation will provide an essential service to attorneys and their clients.

“Based on my 19 years as a Judge in the Law Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, including three years hearing the emergency motion call, I know that the weeks, days, and hours before trial are times during which the parties have a heightened and compelling need to attempt settlement.  Up to now, mediation providers have not directed their efforts toward this need,” explains Judge Ward.  “ADR Systems’ last minute mediation program changes all that and provides its roster of highly qualified mediators to be available at this critically important time.”

Last minute mediation is scheduled when the parties want to do it, and when they have time to do it. This program gives parties one last opportunity to resolve their dispute with a neutral mediator – without involving the judge who will be presiding over their matter in court.

“We aim to offer our clients a unique mediation alternative that makes the most sense for them. Last minute mediation is low cost and is scheduled quickly outside of normal business hours.  We are not only providing a valuable service, but also helping attorneys and their clients eliminate some of the uncertainly and exposure of trial,” adds Becker.

In addition to the Last Minute Mediation Program, ADR Systems offers its clients a wide variety of dispute resolution programs.  These programs include:

ADR Systems is the Midwest’s largest alternative dispute resolution service provider, having successfully provided law firms and businesses with mediation, arbitration, and other dispute resolution services for more than 22 years.

The mission of ADR Systems is to create an environment that encourages successful party-driven resolution. ADR Systems’ neutrals are committed to resolving disputes within the highest ethical standards.  The professional staff utilizes every resource available to provide exceptional service before, during and after the dispute resolution process.  These principles allow ADR Systems to deliver on its promise of exceptional client service and an unparalleled client experience.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that we could not have settled this case without the tremendous efforts of Judge Brown. He was so kind to my clients and he really helped them through this difficult process.  His thoughtful approach and his incredible tenacity really made the difference in this case. We were very lucky to have him as our mediator and we look forward to working with Judge Brown again very soon.

Adria East Mossing, PartnerMossing & Navarre, LLC