ADR Systems Launches UM&UIM Tri-Panel Arbitration Program

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ADR Systems is now offering its Uninsured Motorist & Underinsured Motorist (UM&UIM) Tri-Panel Arbitration Program as a resource to attorneys.

UM&UIM tri-panel arbitrations typically arise from the inclusion of an arbitration clause in a contract, where the policy requires the procedure. ADR Systems program provides a cost-effective way to resolve these claims.

Hon. Michael R. Panter, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, said tri-panel arbitrations have a lot of the same advantages as a bench trials and jury trials.

“With one arbitrator appointed by each side, the decision-makers usually represent a well-balanced cross-section of opinion,” he said. “The independent arbitrator may preside but he or she cannot determine anything without at least one other arbitrators’ agreement. Like a jury, the three arbitrators are required to deliberate and act together, and this gives a good likelihood of a fair result. Tri-panel arbitration is a great method of expeditious case resolution.”

“As the independent arbitrator, I consult the other party arbitrators on objections and motions,” Judge Panter said. “When it comes to deliberation, I tell them I very much want to try for a unanimous award. Each arbitrator gives their views and facilitated discussion ensues.”

At ADR Systems, our vast panel includes many arbitrators who are skilled in resolving UM&UIM claims.

“Our panel of senior arbitrators have an unequaled amount of experience dealing with all aspects of UM&UIM claims,” said Hon. John A. Ward, (Ret.). “The arbitrators at ADR Systems thoroughly enjoy the process and remain fully engaged and stimulated.”

ADR Systems will help parties tailor all aspects of their arbitration, including arbitrator selection, governing rules, discovery and evidentiary hearings. Cases are put on our fast-track system to ensure that they keep moving forward efficiently, with realistic procedural dates.

Other notable parameters of the UM&UIM Tri-Panel Arbitration Program include:

  • ADR Systems’ case management team will coordinate everything, including scheduling and generating contracts, along with confirmations and reminder notifications to all parties
  • No upfront deposits are required until the parties set the arbitration date
  • No cancellation fees are assessed if the case is settled prior to the arbitration date being scheduled, unless the ADR Systems’ arbitrator has already done work on the case

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Judge Panter is known for his thorough and intelligent approach to settlements and the boundless energy he brings to the dispute resolution process. Judge Panter has more than 30 years of legal experience and brings a unique and empathic approach to counsel and their clients. He has mediated a wide variety of commercial and personal injury cases.

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Judge Ward is a senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems. He has extensive experience in the resolution of personal injury cases arising from workers’ compensation, vehicular accidents, construction negligence, premises liability, medical negligence, nursing home and product liability. Judge Ward’s ability to quickly understand the issue at hand and gain the respect and trust of all parties is well known throughout the legal community.

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