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ADR Systems has released two videos to provide insights from several of our senior mediators and arbitrators about the finer points of mediation.

Mediation Benefits features Hon. Helaine L. Berger, (Ret.), Hon. Joseph N. Casciato, (Ret.) and Hon. Michael R. Panter, (Ret.). In the video, they discuss the benefits of mediation that could be overlooked by attorneys.

Watch our Mediation Benefits Video

In Mediation Misconceptions, Judge Berger, Hon. F. Keith Brown, (Ret.) and Hon. Dennis J. Burke, (Ret.) correct many of the misconceptions surrounding the alternative dispute resolution process.

Watch our Mediation Misconceptions Video

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ADR Systems has provided successful mediation, arbitration and other dispute resolution needs for nearly 25 years. Our company’s continued growth is a reflection of the high level of satisfaction experienced by our clients, and our promise to deliver an unparalleled client experience.

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My mediation at ADR Systems proved to be extremely successful, thanks to the professionalism of our mediator.  Judge Kelley adeptly settled a very complex case involving serious injuries.  His patience, knowledge of the case, and considerate treatment of the parties involved all contributed to reaching a settlement that both sides found acceptable.  Kudos to Judge Kelley and ADR Systems for an experience I hope soon to repeat.

Thomas P Cernek, Esq.Law Offices of Thomas P. Cernek & Associates