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Here’s the bottom line: ADR Systems’ Commercial Alternative Fee Program resolves your cases fast and at a much lower cost. Sound interesting? Read on.


Counsel can schedule a mediation or arbitration quickly, in less than 30 days. You will choose from our large panel of highly experienced neutral mediators and arbitrators who are skilled at resolving disputes under the program. While we will work quickly to get a case on the calendar and resolved, we won’t cut corners. As always, ADR Systems stands by its promise to deliver an unparalleled client experience.

Reduced Cost

All administrative fees are waived in the program.  Counsel can choose mediation or arbitration on a two-party matter where the claimed amount is $100,000 or less.  Each party pays $900, which includes up to three hours of the neutral’s time. This time can include document review, phone contact, session time, follow-up or award writing time.  If the neutral’s time exceeds three hours, parties are billed for any additional time at the neutral’s standard hourly rate.


Since its inception, the program has received 30 referrals – 25 mediations and five arbitrations.  Of the 25 mediations, 23 settled for an overall settlement rate of 92%.  The average session time was under five hours, with several resolving in just three hours. All five of the arbitrations concluded through final award.

ADR Systems’ Commercial Alternative Fee Program was designed for cases where the cost to litigate is likely to exceed the amount in dispute or when there is a need to get the case resolved quickly. The program is also effective for cost-conscious parties who have never tried mediation or arbitration. Some types of cases resolved under the program include residential and commercial real estate disputes, mechanics lien, construction, contract, employment, fee disputes, property damage and subrogation.

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"Judge Hanlon was an amazing mediator! While I have known her for years, I have never appeared in front of her or mediated a case with her. During a 10-hour mediation with her, I marveled at how hard she worked to get this case settled, and, more importantly, how great she communicated with my clients. She was calm, measured, reassuring, and so incredibly knowledgeable on the facts and mediation tactics. Judge Hanlon will always be on the top of my list for future mediations."

Richard I. Levin, Esq.Levin, Riback & Adelman