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Hon. Thomas R. Allen, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently published an article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. His article, BIPA Battles Continue to Play Out as Courts Weigh Class-Action Suits, reviews the core features of the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), 740 ILCS 14/1 et seq., current case law and litigation strategies for claims derived from the Act and argues for mediation as a better path toward the resolution of these disputes.

“In the end, settling BIPA cases will be a great relief for business clients. Likewise, getting a reasonable, timely settlement for class members before many disappear and never realize a dime is also a good result,” wrote Judge Allen. “With trial, risks loom on both sides, but mediation returns control to the parties, allowing counsel to serve their clients’ best interests efficiently, at a lower cost and with no surprises.”

To read Judge Allen’s article, click here. Chicago Daily Law Bulletin subscribers can read the article online here.


Hon. Thomas R. Allen, (Ret.) has over 40 years of legal experience. On the bench, he stood out as an exceptionally intelligent, even-tempered and common-sense jurist. Judge Allen served most of his judicial career in the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Chancery Division, where he settled numerous commercial and business-related cases. He brings this knowledge and a broad-based, 30-year career as a litigator to his practice as a senior mediator and arbitrator, where he has become a favored mediator of BIPA, data breach and other privacy-related complex class actions.

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Judge Harmening is an excellent mediator. Even in situations where settlement is not achieved the day of the mediation, Judge Harmening will continue talks with the parties when he can sense that a settlement is still possible, and gets it done. We have successfully settled several cases with Judge Harmening to the satisfaction of all parties. I am looking forward to working with him on many more in the future.

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