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Insurance providers and plaintiffs can mediate 10 to 15 cases in a single day at a reduced rate with ADR Systems’ Personal Injury Settlement Program.  Settlement Program cases can be mediated in person or through remote videoconferencing options, and they often share several commonalities.

The Type and Extent of the Injury is Important

Settlement Program cases have typically included standard, straight-forward injuries. Cases with multiple issues are rarely suited for the program because their values are frequently higher, liability may be contested and additional parties are often involved in them, requiring a session longer than the two-hour period allotted for a case in the program.

The Question of Liability is Often Clear, But the Value is Not

Settlement Program mediations do not typically focus on liability.  The extent of damages owed, therefore, is at the heart of the matter. Since cases in the program infrequently involve pre-existing conditions or coverage issues, our mediators can focus on helping parties arrive at a settlement agreement quickly.

Previous Negotiation Has Transpired, and Parties Have Not Yet Returned to the Table

Cases with a history of negotiation reveal a clear and present interest in arriving at a settlement. This is the most important quality that a case suited for the program should have: It is a case that should settle.

Insurance carriers and plaintiffs’ counsel can evaluate their cases against these attributes as they determine a way forward that is efficient, inexpensive and that avoids litigation.

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"Judge Axelrood was outstanding with my client. During the mediation, he explained things clearly and used examples that my client – an older individual – could easily understand. Judge Axelrood made the process easier for my client and me. He was instrumental in settling this case."

Steven Gleason, Esq.Nilson, Stookal, Gleason & Caputo, LTD.