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We are pleased to announce that Hon. Helaine L. Berger, (Ret.) has joined ADR Systems’ distinguished panel of mediators and arbitrators.  Judge Berger will concentrate in family law.  She served for 18 years as a judge in the Cook County Circuit Court’s Domestic Relations Division and the Child Protection and Juvenile Justice Department. Her high settlement rate is testament to her mastery in helping families come to an agreement that works for all involved.

“I enjoy helping families find peaceful resolutions and keeping drama out of children’s lives. What’s most important in family law mediation is knowing the clients’ interests and priorities so you can think outside the box,” says Judge Berger. “In mediation, I can suggest settlement options outside of what the court can do.”

Another benefit of mediation which is often not available in court proceedings, is the parties’ ability to speak to each other, either in an opening mediation session or through the mediator in caucus. “It can be very therapeutic,” adds Judge Berger. “When people know they have been listened to, they leave the mediation feeling satisfied that they have been heard. And, with mediation, we can put our heads together to create a financial plan which minimizes taxes and increases each party’s financial security.”

Those who practiced before Judge Berger applauded and appreciated her ‘never-give-up’ attitude, active listening skills, compassion and courage to delve into the minute details of a case to achieve resolution. She has great patience and cares deeply about the best interests of the children and financial fairness, while guiding the parties to resolution. Judge Berger frequently applies her ingenuity to facilitate creative settlement agreements.

Judge Berger is also available for fast track mediation, a process for prompt resolution.  For more information on fast track mediation, click here.

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We were pleased with the outcome of our settlement, and with the efforts put forth by Judge Bronstein.  It was a marathon session, but Judge Bronstein worked with both clients and urged us to be patient until there was sufficient movement towards settlement.  Thanks to Judge Bronstein and ADR Systems.

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