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To serve the dynamic needs of our clients, ADR Systems will once again offer in-person mediation and arbitration services while maintaining our neutrals’ highly effective remote dispute resolution practices.

“Illinois law firms are starting to implement return-to-office and hybrid work schedules. Our goal as a dispute resolution service is to provide flexibility, choice and convenience to all parties to a dispute,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “Remote sessions are here to stay, but I think many attorneys will agree that, as we often say, ‘It’s easier to see eye to eye when you are sitting face to face.’” ®

In-person cases come with potential health risks, and Illinois’ vaccination rate sits slightly below the national average at 42.6%. The scheduling of in-person cases, as well as conduct during them, will reflect our overriding concern for the health of the neutrals, the parties and our staff.

  • Anyone not fully vaccinated should wear a face mask within ADR Systems’ offices
  • Face masks will be encouraged when moving between conference rooms and when using the bathroom
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in every room, and parties are highly encouraged to use it when entering and exiting a conference room
  • If unwell on the day of an in-person session, ADR Systems insists you not attend it; a remote connection will be provided so you can fully participate in the session from your home office

Remote mediations and arbitrations will remain an option for the resolution of personal injury, commercial and family law matters at ADR Systems. The differences between remote and in-person sessions are negligible – especially where arbitrations are concerned – as Hon. Brigid M. McGrath, (Ret.) noted last year in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. With jury trials delayed in Cook County by pandemic backlog and a new prejudgment interest law enacted in Illinois for personal injury and wrongful death cases, ADR Systems will remain committed to offering various formats for the resolution of disputes.

“While the courts will remain a powerful resource for resolving civil cases,” said Becker, “they are not the most accessible or expedient forum for putting a matter to rest. This is why, at ADR Systems, we always prefer to ‘see you out of court.’” ®

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Judge Burke mediated a settlement in a matter where the parties were extremely far apart, with almost no common ground.  He pushed both sides to rethink their positions, outlined a post-conference approach and made himself available on short notice.  I do not believe anyone else could have settled the matter.  He will be my first choice for future mediations.

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