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Hon. Margaret A. Brennan, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently served as a mock trial judge for Project Law Track, a program presented by the Chicago Bar Association Alliance for Women and Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana to introduce girls to the legal profession as a prospective career path.

“These young girls were remarkably poised and well-spoken for elementary, middle school and early high school-aged students,” said Judge Brennan. “This is an excellent opportunity for them to step into the shoes of an attorney.”

Project Law Track is an annual four-part series consisting of three interactive evening sessions culminating in a mock trial. Each girl is paired with a female attorney that works with them as a mentor throughout the program, helping them prepare for the mock trial. The program presents young girls with an overview of many career pathways they can pursue if they aspire to become attorneys and debunks legal portrayals in media.

“What an attorney does on television and what they do in reality are very different,” said Judge Brennan. “Many people aspire to become attorneys because of television attorney – Harvey Specter, Patty Hewes, Annalise Keating, Jack McCoy – but real-world encounters with attorneys and legal work are far more informative.”

Judge Brennan’s leadership offers a pathway to a successful future for these girls and prospective attorneys, sharing her insights and experience from private practice, the court room and alternative dispute resolution.

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Hon. Margaret A. Brennan, (Ret.) served for 19 years in the Circuit Court of Cook County Chancery and Law Divisions and cultivated expansive knowledge of commercial cases such as employment matters involving discrimination and retaliatory discharge, construction and legal malpractice disputes. Colleagues commend Judge Brennan’s intelligence, persuasiveness, remarkable patience, careful case preparation and boundless energy, which contribute significantly to her success as a senior mediator and arbitrator.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that we could not have settled this case without the tremendous efforts of Judge Brown. He was so kind to my clients and he really helped them through this difficult process.  His thoughtful approach and his incredible tenacity really made the difference in this case. We were very lucky to have him as our mediator and we look forward to working with Judge Brown again very soon.

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