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Hon. Joseph N. Casciato, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently settled a $6.2 million case involving spinal and neck injuries suffered by siblings in a road accident.

Two siblings were injured when a semitrailer tractor truck, whose driver was purportedly attempting to evade law enforcement officers, struck their vehicle in 2016.

“This was an extremely serious case involving catastrophic injuries. After the case’s first session in mediation, which did not result in a settlement, I knew from my experience as a mediator that the parties would only be willing to sit down again for a certain amount of money — a figure that was fair and proportional to the facts of the case,” Judge Casciato said. “An ADR Systems case manager and I encouraged both sides to come back one more time because I believed we were very close to finding a settlement value that would work for all.”

The plaintiffs sustained multiple injuries that required surgery, according to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. The plaintiffs sued the semitrailer tractor truck driver and several trucking companies they argued were also liable for the accident.

“In my efforts to mediate, the extent of damages was a huge issue of contention in this case,” Judge Casciato said. “We all worked diligently to settle the case, and I think the settlement reflected the facts and was fair to the needs and interests of both parties.”

Judge Casciato is a senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems. His trademark is his ability to guide even the most recalcitrant parties to settlement. He is well known for his thorough case preparation, positive attitude and pleasant personality.

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