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Hon. William J. Haddad, (Ret.) was honored at the second annual Building Bridges Awards on Tuesday, October 24th at the John Marshall Law School.

The awards were sponsored by the Decalogue Society of Lawyers and the Arab American Bar Association of Illinois (AABAR). Judge Haddad was recognized alongside Michael Traison, vice president of the American Jewish Lawyers Association, for forging diversity relationships between their respective communities.

The Building Bridges Awards were established in 2016 to recognize legal professionals who establish connections between diverse groups in the legal community. Last year, the Building Bridges Awards recognized six women, three of Arab descent and three of the Jewish faith, who had been fighting stereotypes against gender, immigrants and the LGBT community.

Judge Haddad is a highly regarded senior mediator and arbitrator with ADR Systems. He brings his vast business experience, legal knowledge and gregarious personality to all his mediations and arbitrations. He is a frequent presenter on legal topics and takes an active role in the community. As a lawyer, former judge and successful businessman, Judge Haddad brings insight and expertise to the resolution process.

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Judge Etchingham has a terrific demeanor, and made my client feel very comfortable.  He took time to thoroughly prepare, coming to the table with a clear understanding of the case.  Judge Etchingham offered insightful advice that kept negotiations from reaching a standstill.  I wish I had been able to practice before him when he was on the bench; Judge Etchingham is a real find for ADR Systems.

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