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Hon. Kay M. Hanlon, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, participated in a panel discussion on professionalism and ethics on Nov. 7. The webinar, titled “The Good, Bad & Ugly – Professionalism and Ethics, In and Out of Court,” was sponsored by Perrin Conferences.

The panel discussion focused on rules of professional conduct, examples of attorney misconduct and Attorney General vs. Individual lawsuits.

“What made this presentation enjoyable was the collective knowledge gained because the examples we shared of attorney and judicial misconduct actually happened,” said Judge Hanlon. “We hope attendees were able to learn ways in which they can respond to attorneys and judges who step outside the bounds of civility and ethics.”

Judge Hanlon was joined on the panel by Katharine C. Byrne, Esq., Cooney & Conway; Mary T. McKelvey, Esq., Polsinelli; Gregory M. McMahon, Esq., Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC; and Hon. Clare E. McWilliams, Circuit Court of Cook County. This panel also presented at the National Asbestos Litigation Conference on Ethics and Civility in the Courtroom in San Francisco in September.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to work with this group of attorneys and judges again,” said Judge Hanlon. “I am excited to continue to collaborate with this group on presentations in the future.

Judge Hanlon has expertise in resolving personal injury actions such as medical malpractice, mass torts and product liability, as well as commercial actions such as legal malpractice, eminent domain and subrogation. Counsel who appeared before Judge Hanlon find her to be perpetually prepared and ready to listen attentively.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say that we could not have settled this case without the tremendous efforts of Judge Brown. He was so kind to my clients and he really helped them through this difficult process.  His thoughtful approach and his incredible tenacity really made the difference in this case. We were very lucky to have him as our mediator and we look forward to working with Judge Brown again very soon.

Adria East Mossing, PartnerMossing & Navarre, LLC