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After I retired as judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County, I knew I wanted to stay in the legal field. But I remembered my tenure as a civil litigator when I spent countless hours billing and trying to market my firm and myself. I did not want to go into mediation and arbitration if it meant more marketing and administrative duties.

This is one important reason why I chose to become a neutral: ADR Systems lets me focus on my cases without having to worry about administrative details.

The ADR Systems support staff handles the necessary tasks that pile up during the course of a mediation or arbitration, including:

  • Room preparation
  • Remote session coordination and preparation
  • Lunch orders
  • In-office file printing and copying
  • Intake and maintenance of contracts and terms of resolved disputes
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Assistance with other administrative tasks that may arise during a session

The support staff also contributes to my independence as a neutral. My job is to prepare for the case in front of me – that’s all. When I show up to ADR Systems’ downtown office or log in to a virtual session, the parties are already organized, and we can get to work right away.

The support staff at ADR Systems handles all the details of a case which gives me much more time to prepare.  They also support the attorneys and their clients who come to ADR Systems to resolve their matters, ensuring an unparalleled experience for everyone.

Hon. Brigid M. McGrath, (Ret.), has handled and complex commercial and personal injury case types throughout her 34-year legal and judicial career, including professional malpractice, medical malpractice, insurance coverage and product liability matters. Known for her diplomatic and observant style, she masters the facts of each case before her to identify the root causes of disputes, deconstruct conflict between divergent parties and guide them toward settlement.

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Judge Nudelman was excellent.  Many times, attorneys on the case wanted to terminate the mediation, but Judge Nudelman kept us going until it was resolved.  Great job!!

Thomas J. Lyman, Esq.Partner, SmithAmundsen