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Hon. Ronald D. Sutter, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems presented “Preparation for and Participation in a Successful Mediation” on May 21st.

Judge Sutter was joined by Hon. Dorothy French Mallen, (Ret.). The presentation was organized by the DuPage County Bar Association.

The panel focused on the basics of the mediation process and pre-mediation contact.

“Some attorneys feel that pre-mediation contact is improper ex parte contact with the mediator,” Judge Sutter said. “The entire essence of mediation is a series of caucuses between the mediator and the parties. There is nothing improper about reaching out to the mediator in advance of the mediation.”

The panel emphasized the importance of pre-mediation contact in preparation for the mediation. This communication allows parties to start a conversation with the mediator. It is the first critical step on the path to resolution.

“Attorneys can maximize their pre-mediation communication by addressing issues to be resolved, problems they foresee or other information that would help the mediator better understand their matter prior to mediation,” Judge Sutter said.

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Hon. Ronald D. Sutter, (Ret.) has served the legal community as an attorney, prosecutor and jurist for more than 38 years. As a litigator, he focused his practice in personal injury and insurance matters. Judge Sutter spent 15 years in the DuPage County Circuit Court and was the Presiding Judge of the Law Division.  A popular mediator and arbitrator, he is praised for his integrity, legal ability and temperament.

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"Judge Hanlon was an amazing mediator! While I have known her for years, I have never appeared in front of her or mediated a case with her. During a 10-hour mediation with her, I marveled at how hard she worked to get this case settled, and, more importantly, how great she communicated with my clients. She was calm, measured, reassuring, and so incredibly knowledgeable on the facts and mediation tactics. Judge Hanlon will always be on the top of my list for future mediations."

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