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Hon. Ronald D. Sutter, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently settled a $12 million case stemming from a dispute between family members regarding a trust and family-owned business.

“I have encountered a number of cases similar to this one throughout my career. Because of the business and familial dynamics at play, these cases can be extremely complex, with many issues dividing the parties.”

Judge Sutter’s experience as a litigator and jurist enable him to effectively navigate contentious and emotionally charged family business disputes.

“As their mediator on this case, I endeavored to put the parties and their lawyers at ease. I made sure to listen to them and whatever they wanted to discuss,” said Judge Sutter. “That way I had a firm understanding of everyone’s perspectives as the mediation proceeded.”

Since his arrival at ADR Systems at the start of 2019, creating productive relationships with parties by attentively listening to them has been a hallmark of Judge Sutter’s practice as a Senior Mediator & Arbitrator.

“How parties are brought to settlement in a case is informed by how well their mediator listens to them from the start of the mediation process,” said Judge Sutter.

Before joining ADR Systems, Judge Sutter spent 15 years in the DuPage County Circuit Court and was the Presiding Judge of the Law Division.  A popular mediator and arbitrator, he is praised for his integrity, legal ability and temperament.

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Judge F. Keith Brown did a great job settling a very tough, complicated multi-party case that involved both personal injury and commercial matters.  ADR Systems is our first and best choice for alternative dispute resolution.  This is because of the quality and effectiveness of their neutrals, and the terrific service supplied by their staff.

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