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Hon John A. Ward, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently helped to settle a $5.5 million case on the eve of opening statements that involved a side-swipe collision between a semitrailer and a tow truck.

The plaintiff in the case was a passenger in the semitrailer that was involved in the collision, and the defendants included the semitrailer’s driver, the tow truck’s driver and the respective companies that employed the semitrailer and tow truck drivers, among others, according to the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

“As their mediator, I was speaking with both parties every morning and every evening after they were assigned a trial judge, and that kept the dialogue between the parties alive and moving toward a possible settlement,” Judge Ward said. “Both parties had compelling reasons to negotiate a settlement. Ultimately, the negotiation between the parties resulted in a settlement immediately before opening statements. I know both parties were happy to have arrived at a settlement and not go through the process of litigation.”

The plaintiff in this case sustained multiple fractures to his ribs, left arm and spine that required extensive and continuing medical treatment.

“In light of those injuries, the foreseeability and cost of further medical treatment was, of course, a key point at issue,” Judge Ward said. “But persistent follow-ups and clear communication were invaluable to helping the parties arrive at a settlement.”

Judge Ward has cultivated extensive experience in the resolution of personal injury cases arising from vehicular accidents, construction negligence, premises liability, medical negligence, nursing home, workers’ compensation and product liability. His ability to quickly understand the issue at hand and gain the respect and trust of all parties is well known throughout the legal community.

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Judge F. Keith Brown did a great job settling a very tough, complicated multi-party case that involved both personal injury and commercial matters.  ADR Systems is our first and best choice for alternative dispute resolution.  This is because of the quality and effectiveness of their neutrals, and the terrific service supplied by their staff.

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