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For 25 years, ADR Systems has been a leader in providing successful dispute resolution services in the realm of personal injury, commercial and family law cases. One of the main reasons ADR Systems stands out in the legal community is the neutrality of the senior mediators and arbitrators on our panel.

Neutrals at ADR Systems are hired as independent contractors and remain that way throughout their tenure. They are not involved with the ownership, administration or management of the business.

“The value of absolute neutrality is that ADR Systems’ neutrals are not beholden to anybody and can work each case independently without having a vested interest in the consequences of the result,” Hon. Dennis Burke, (Ret.) said. “ADR Systems does not control how we do our jobs, but always supports us. The staff handles all scheduling and administrative duties, which allows us to completely focus on each case without distractions.”

ADR Systems is here to help the parties involved in a dispute find the mediator or arbitrator who will best serve the interests of the case, not the best interests of the company. Give ADR Systems a call for a free consultation on your case at 312.960.2260, or click here to schedule one of our neutrals for your next dispute.

Judge Burke is a well-respected neutral with expertise in both commercial and personal injury matters. Following a 23-year legal career, he spent 15 years in the Cook County Circuit Court Law Division. An early advocate of alternative dispute resolution, Judge Burke created a program to mediate complicated discovery disputes – a program that is still used in the Circuit Court today. Judge Burke is well known for his keen ability to build trusting relationships with all parties.

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Judge Burke is an excellent mediator.  He has one of the best demeanors of any judge I have appeared before in court.  He is also one of the most knowledgeable mediators as well.  His background provides him with an innate ability to spot the issues early on.  He works hard to get it done.  I would not hesitate for a second to use him again.

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