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While most of our mediations and arbitrations will still be conducted via videoconferencing, we also offer in-person sessions.

The health and safety of everyone attending an in-person session is our top priority:

  •  You must be fully vaccinated to attend an in-person session in our offices
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, you must attend the session remotely
  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or a variant of COVID-19 within the last five days, you must attend the session remotely
  • Masks are optional in our building, in our office and conference rooms
  • There is hand sanitizer provided throughout the office and conference rooms, and masks are available upon request
  • Every conference room is equipped with an air purifier
  • Beverage and food will be provided as individually wrapped, single-serve items
  • After each session, our staff members will disinfect the conference rooms
  • We will monitor current local and national health and safety guidelines and adjust accordingly

Many conference rooms in our office will have fewer seats than normal to allow for social distancing.  We ask that you limit those attending a mediation or arbitration to only essential individuals and that you avoid attending an in-person session if you feel unwell. Contact your case manager or ADR Systems for additional details.

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