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One of the advantages of mediation and arbitration is that parties can resolve disputes practically anywhere, instead of being confined to a courtroom.

ADR Systems’ neutrals take this flexibility as a commitment to resolve cases anywhere, from our downtown Chicago location and other cities throughout the country, as well as virtually over Zoom. No matter where and when you choose to mediate or arbitrate, you can rely on ADR Systems to meet you in the most convenient place for you and your clients.

Hon. Dennis J. Burke, (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, has settled cases in a variety of locations. “I had a case where one party was from Iowa, the other from Indiana and the plaintiff was unable to travel, so I offered to mediate their case in Rock Island, Illinois,” said Judge Burke. “By meeting them in the best place for all parties involved, I was able to explain the complexities of the case in person, which was important in this matter, and guide the parties to a settlement.”

Judge Burke is one of many neutrals at ADR Systems who have travelled to several cities and towns in Illinois, as well as locations such as Washington, Florida, Arizona and Washington DC, sometimes staying late into the night or for several days to help settle a case. Judge Burke even mediated a session in a room at O’Hare International Airport until 12:30 a.m. in order to minimize time spent away from home for one of the travelling parties.

This year, as a  result of the pandemic, ADR Systems moved quickly to virtual mediation and arbitration to ensure the safety of everyone involved. While some in-person sessions still occur, the majority of mediations and arbitrations are conducted remotely.

No matter the location or platform, the drive to reach a resolution remains consistent, even if it means working extra hours. “In a mediation, if I believe we have a chance to settle, I’ll stay as long as it takes,” added Judge Burke. “Getting parties in a room together – whether it’s in-person or virtually – puts us in a position to settle the case.”

Neutrals from ADR Systems are poised to meet you where you are and will work hard to resolve your case. To learn more about our remote dispute resolution resources, click here.

Hon. Dennis J. Burke, (Ret.) has expertise in both commercial and personal injury matters. Following a 23-year legal career, he spent 15 years in the Cook County Circuit Court Law Division. An early advocate of alternative dispute resolution, Judge Burke created a program to mediate complicated discovery disputes – a program that is still used in the Circuit Court today. Judge Burke is well known for his keen ability to build trusting relationships with all parties.

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I had another first-class service from a first-class organization. We had a very good arbitration experience with Judge Ward.  He was a terrific arbitrator who patiently listened and made all parties feel important, including my client.  And after the arbitration, Judge Ward wrote a thoughtful ruling. Thank you again – ADR Systems is the best!