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ADR Systems is delighted to welcome Hon. Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., (Ret.) to its panel of senior mediators and arbitrators. Judge Senechalle has served the legal community for 18 years in the Circuit Court of Cook County and for 32 years in private practice as an attorney focusing on commercial litigation and business law. While on the bench, Judge Senechalle presided over a wide variety of personal injury cases, including nursing home, asbestos and medical malpractice. He also tried many commercial and business-related matters.

On the bench, Judge Senechalle was no stranger to challenging cases. One case that he particularly remembered as a test of his skills was a mortgage foreclosure trial during which tempers frequently flared up among the many defendants. Judge Senechalle managed proceedings by always listening carefully to what both sides had to say and tactfully diffusing their emotions while he kept the case moving forward.

“As a judge, and when speaking to parties and counsel in pretrials, I’ve found that it’s important to let the parties know that I hear them,” said Judge Senechalle. “I become vested in helping the parties reach resolution. By fully preparing ahead of time and then asking thoughtful questions, offering insights and listening carefully during the conference, I demonstrate to the parties that I understand the issues and the importance of their respective positions.”

Judge Senechalle conducted many pretrials during the COVID-19 pandemic. With all jury trials suspended in Cook County, Judge Senechalle presided over numerous settlement conferences and resolved many cases.

Now as a senior mediator and arbitrator, he hopes to leverage his decades of experience to help parties come to resolutions that best fit the interests of everyone involved. In Judge Senechalle’s view, “one of the greatest benefits of mediation — and even arbitration — is that it gives parties a strong voice in resolving their dispute.” His job, he said, is to listen and help them find their voice as they all work together to resolve their dispute.

Judge Senechalle is a welcome addition to ADR Systems. “He brings impeccable credentials and trial experience,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “We recently started a Trial by Judge Program, and Judge Senechalle’s background makes him a perfect fit for this new service.”


Hon. Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., (Ret) brings 50 years of legal experience to his role as senior mediator and arbitrator. On the bench he presided over a variety of personal injury lawsuits, including medical malpractice, construction injury and nursing home negligence cases. Judge Senechalle also heard numerous commercial cases including breach of contract and mortgage foreclosure matters. He values knowledge and preparedness as a tool to help parties come to a settlement that is satisfactory to all.

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