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Hon. Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., (Ret.), senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, recently published an article with the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. His article, Special Interrogatory Retains its Important Role in Litigation, explores why the use of special interrogatories remains a useful tactic for trial attorneys despite recent changes to the statute governing them.

“The special interrogatory remains alive and important in Illinois civil jury trials,” wrote Judge Senechalle. “Case law in the years ahead will determine the practical effect of the statutory amendment. In the meantime, the wisdom of continuing to employ this important tool in the jury instruction process remains unchanged.”

To read Judge Senechalle’s article in full, click here. Chicago Daily Law Bulletin subscribers can read the article online here.


Hon. Robert E. Senechalle, Jr., (Ret) brings 50 years of legal experience to his role as senior mediator and arbitrator. On the bench he presided over a variety of personal injury lawsuits, including medical malpractice, construction injury and nursing home negligence cases. Judge Senechalle also heard numerous commercial cases including breach of contract and mortgage foreclosure matters. He values knowledge and preparedness as a tool to help parties come to a settlement that is satisfactory to all.

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