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Ms. Teresa F. Frisbie, Esq., senior mediator and arbitrator at ADR Systems, published a new article highlighting an American Bar Association (ABA) research study that shows premediation meetings or caucuses increase the likelihood of settling a case. In the article, entitled, “Lengthy ABA study suggests better way to conduct mediation,” Ms. Frisbie discusses her own experience as a mediator, along with the ABA’s research, to demonstrate the advantages of holding premediation meetings. She also explains the “neurobiology of mediation” as it relates to decision-making.

“When people are confronted by a social threat, they respond as they do when confronted with a physical threat and the resulting fight or flight stress response is not optimal for good decision-making,” Frisbie states. “Holding a premediation meeting or series of meetings seems to give people the time they need to enter the negotiation phase without being overwhelmed by the physical and cognitive impacts of the stress response.”

To read the entire article, published on July 26, 2017 in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, click here.

Ms. Frisbie is a skilled senior mediator and arbitrator with ADR Systems. She is also the director of the Dispute Resolution Program at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She has been named one of the Top Ten Women ADR Neutrals in Illinois by Leading Lawyer. Ms. Frisbie is known for her ability to assimilate complex legal and business issues and encourage communication between parties in emotionally-charged disputes.

To read Ms. Frisbie’s full bio, click here.

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