What precautions does ADR Systems take to ensure remote mediations and arbitrations on Zoom are secure and private? - ADR Systems

ADR Systems


Parties in a mediation or arbitration via a Zoom videoconference will wait in a waiting room until admitted to the videoconference by the neutral who hosts the videoconference.

ADR Systems also only allows the host of a Zoom videoconference to share their screen with the videoconference’s participants. None of the participants in the videoconference can use this function without the permission of the host, preventing parties from being exposed to content not permitted by the host.

Many compromised videoconferences reported in the news have been public videoconferences (with the link shared on social media), not private ones. Our Zoom videoconferences are not public and never have been. Only the parties, the host and ADR Systems’ staff have access to the meeting link.

Additionally, Zoom updated its platform in early April 2020 with a new security icon on its toolbar, accessible only to the host of a Zoom videoconference. This allows the host to regulate and maintain the waiting room and screen sharing features for all of the videoconference’s participants, and it allows the host to lock the meeting and remove participants if necessary. Contact your case manager for additional information about remote mediations and arbitrations.

My thanks to ADR Systems and their mediators for all of the successes that we have experienced in mediations.

Louis C. Cairo, Esq.Senior Partner, Goldberg Weisman Cairo