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This may be a new year, but many of you face the same dilemmas as before: stagnant negotiations, anxious clients and the challenges of litigating in the face of court backlogs. ADR Systems is your solution, helping you break through impasses, resolve your cases and bring closure to your clients. Here’s how we make that commitment possible in 2023:

Expanding Panel of Neutrals

Our panel’s reputation for preparedness and efficiency as mediators and arbitrators has led a number of new senior mediators and arbitrators to join us from various jurisdictions in 2022. Hon. Jack Callahan, (Ret.), Hon. Robert G. Kleeman, (Ret.), Hon. Michael J. Powers, (Ret.), and Hon. Edward S. Harmening, (Ret.) are legal talents who have hit the ground running alongside their many colleagues, and we are fortunate to have them all. You’ll see our panel expand even further in the coming year.

Innovative Approaches to ADR

Mediation and arbitration are not one-size-fits-all services at ADR Systems. Many cases, due to value and complexity, require unique processes and programs. Our Custom Programs have been created to meet these specific case needs. We have seen steady growth in the use of our custom programs last year as more of you discover their value and we think this trend will continue this year.

Our Pretrial Program, Flat Fee Arbitration Program and Commercial Alternative Fee Program offer mediation and arbitration services to parties at a discounted rate for cases that need to be resolved quickly, are lower value matters, or where the potential cost to adjudicate could exceed the amount in dispute.

And through our new and popular Case Ambassador Program, parties engage a mediator — who acts as a case ambassador — before the mediation to resolve behind-the-scenes issues that could impact the success of the mediation later. Parties involved in complex construction, mass tort and class action suits have settled these challenging cases with the assistance of a case ambassador.

Flexible Formats

Remote dispute resolution is going nowhere. We believe that in 2023, the use of remote or hybrid resolution will remain on par with this past year. While our conference rooms and hallways are, at times, quieter, our neutrals and staff are busier than ever, serving you from IP addresses in the city, suburbs and out of state.

Whether you choose an in-person or virtual format for your next session, our neutrals and staff are ready to help. Our Remote Sessions page answers many of the preliminary questions you may have about remote dispute resolution, and our case managers are only a phone call or email away to assist with any case needs. There’s always a way, and we are committed to helping you and your clients find a format that works for all.

Get Started on Your Solution

It’s now much faster to submit a case for mediation or arbitration through our website. In addition to going directly to our Neutral Availability form clients can also access this brief, easy-to-complete form from every neutral bio page and article on our website – the most viewed pages at

Once you complete and submit the form, a case manager will quickly contact you to discuss logistics and scheduling with a neutral of your choice. Your solution is only a mouse click away. Just scroll up.

ADR Systems, It’s Settled. ®

We were pleased with the outcome of our settlement, and with the efforts put forth by Judge Bronstein.  It was a marathon session, but Judge Bronstein worked with both clients and urged us to be patient until there was sufficient movement towards settlement.  Thanks to Judge Bronstein and ADR Systems.

Steven Gleason, Esq.Nilson, Stookal, Gleason & Caputo