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If you have never clicked on our Resources tab and explored our Custom Programs, you have overlooked many innovative and cost-effective dispute resolution services. Attorneys who use these programs consistently offer more value to their clients seeking resolution.

Provided below are synopses of some of our most-popular custom programs, which you can download via the hyperlink for easy reference.

  • Case Ambassador Program: This is our newest program and offers a creative approach to mediating disputes with many layers of issues. Mediators serve as case ambassadors to resolve ‘bothersome’ issues before the mediation. This provides a clearer path to success on the day of mediation and is appropriate for personal injury and commercial cases.
  • Commercial Alternative Fee Program: This popular program is designed for cases in which the amount in dispute is $100K or less. It provides for up to three hours of the mediator’s time to resolve these smaller disputes and is all at a reduced flat rate. No administrative fee is charged on cases booked under this program.
  • Personal Injury Settlement Program: ADR Systems has conducted settlement days for decades – in person and remotely – to efficiently dispose of many cases in a single day with the help of our talented neutrals. Clients are not charged administrative fees, and neutral fees for these cases may also be reduced depending on volume.
  • Last Minute Mediation Program: Sometimes, parties need to urgently mediate a case. ADR Systems is equipped to provide mediation services early in the morning, in the evening, or even on a Saturday. These cases can be scheduled quickly with an experienced mediator, and the program is available for personal injury and commercial matters.
  • Flat Fee Arbitration Program: This program was developed specifically for personal injury cases valued at $50K or less that were mandated for arbitration in the Circuit Court of Cook County in 2021.  Binding arbitration is offered for these two-party cases at a low flat fee. Parties can resolve their dispute and avoid costly litigation with this program, and ADR Systems does not charge clients an administrative fee to arbitrate a dispute when using it.
  • Family Law Fast Track Mediation Program: Often, family law matters involve complicated issues that need to be settled quickly. This program offers parties an affordable opportunity to mediate issues at a flat fee without an administrative fee. It is designed to expeditiously set matters for mediation and can accommodate busy family schedules.

Our custom programs service the myriad needs of our personal injury, commercial and family law clients. At ADR Systems, we seek to support attorneys and their clients in unique circumstances and reduce the cost of alternative dispute resolution for certain matters.

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My sincere thanks to Judge Panter for settling a complex mediation. He is a true professional. When things were crumbling after seven hours of mediation, Judge Panter kept everyone engaged. His perseverance and skills were the keys to resolving this difficult case. Judge Panter is a phenomenal mediator. I will be using him again soon.

Scott Wolfman, Managing PartnerLaw Offices of Scott Wolfman