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Custom Programs

Building on our promise of exceptional client service and an unparalleled client experience, ADR Systems has developed the following programs and information for our clients.

Case Ambassador Program

Commercial Alternative Fee Program

Family Law Fast Track Mediation Program

Flat Fee Arbitration Program

Flat Fee Mediation Program

Last Minute Mediation Program

Personal Injury Settlement Program

Pretrial Program

Storm Damage Program

UM&UIM Tri-Panel Arbitration Program

Judge Burke is an excellent mediator.  He has one of the best demeanors of any judge I have appeared before in court.  He is also one of the most knowledgeable mediators as well.  His background provides him with an innate ability to spot the issues early on.  He works hard to get it done.  I would not hesitate for a second to use him again.

Mark Bazzanella, Esq.Mark Bazzanella Law Offices