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ADR Systems has incorporated a new secure, cloud-based e-signature tool via Citrix RightSignature to streamline the signature process for dispute resolution contracts.

“Mediation and arbitration agreements are vital to the procedural fairness of our services: They lay out ground rules, cement confidentiality and enumerate the roles of the mediator or arbitrator” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems. “With our new e-signature tool, our clients can finalize those details faster than ever.”

Given the confidentiality of materials managed through its platform, Citrix RightSignature places security at paramount importance. Its platform is equipped with a variety of cybersecurity safeguards, including:

  • 256-bit EV SSL encryption of all data in transit and at rest
  • A tamper-proof audit trail, which compiles a record of a document’s usage and signing via digital fingerprints and IP addresses of the signers
  • Secure storage of its data with backups, ensuring immediate access to data in the event of interruption

Counsel mediating or arbitrating disputes through ADR Systems need not download any software onto their computers or laptops to review and sign contracts electronically. Through Citrix Right Signature, ADR Systems will send a branded email, asking counsel to sign their contract by clicking the email’s “Review & Sign Document” button. Counsel need only click that, review the contract and electronically sign it when prompted by the platform. ADR Systems will then automatically receive the signed document. The signatory and ADR Systems will then automatically receive the signed document.

Citrix RightSignature’s addition is the latest of multiple security enhancements at ADR Systems initiated to automate, digitize, and better secure processes that lead toward the day of mediation or arbitration. In February 2020, we launched our online payment option through, which adheres to strict payment processing standards and accepts all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. And in February 2022, we announced a bevy of cybersecurity enhancements long-worked on since before the COVID-19 pandemic began – and the rise of cyberthreats that accompanied it. These enhancements heighten our ability to protect client data and serve a broader swath of commercial and governmental entities. Likewise, they respond to recent ABA technology surveys of the legal profession that cite confidentiality and control of data as top technology and security concerns among attorneys.

“The legal market was thrown a curveball two years ago, changing how attorneys work and how we serve them.” said Becker, “But by pursuing these updates, we’ve been ahead of this curve from the start.”

ADR Systems, It’s Settled. ®

I want to thank you on behalf of my client and me, and especially thank Judge Casciato, who did such an excellent job getting our case settled during a remote Zoom mediation. I always recommend ADR Systems and your great mediators to attorneys who ask me. In fact, in my judgment, your firm put alternative dispute resolution (ADR) on the map in Illinois. ADR Systems provides a cost-effective means of resolving lawsuits in a mutually satisfactory manner. Keep up the excellent work!  

Mark P. Standa, Esq.Mark P. Standa, P.C.