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Last year was a year like no other for law firms and businesses.  Everything changed in March.  It was all hands on deck as ADR Systems transitioned from providing attorneys and their clients with in-person dispute resolution services to providing these services remotely. What’s the current status and how are we doing?

Here is what we can report:

  • Our mediators are settling cases remotely at the same rate as in-person and our arbitrators are hearing arbitrations with the same level of efficiency
  • Our staff are continuing to innovate by developing and implementing all-new processes and procedures and by training our neutrals on remote platforms, thus ensuring high quality remote dispute resolution services for our clients
  • Our case managers and support personnel are providing clients the same level of personal service they have come to expect despite not being able to meet in person

As a result of these transformations and the dedication of our panel of neutrals, ADR Systems handled and settled more cases than it did the year before – quite an accomplishment in unchartered waters.

“Last year, our loyal clients, tireless staff and dedicated neutrals all pulled together.  We learned something about each other in the process,” said Marc Becker, president of ADR Systems.  “We learned that we need each other and that we are resilient. The old adage ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do’ certainly applied to everyone involved in getting cases settled in 2020.”

While some things have changed, others remain the same. ADR Systems’ commitment to providing attorneys and their clients unparalleled service – whether they walk through our doors or meet us virtually – is something parties have come to expect.

“This has been the guiding principal for our success and it’s something our clients can count on – in tough times as well as in good times,” added Becker.

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I want to express our firm’s appreciation to ADR Systems for providing us with an outstanding CLE program.  I received numerous positive comments from our partners; everyone thought that the Hon. F. Keith Brown and Stuart A. Nudelman provided us with useful and interesting insights.  I think that our Chicago partners (and anyone else who might do a mediation in Chicago) would be delighted with any of them as a mediator or arbitrator.

Alan Becker, Managing PartnerLitchfield Cavo LLP